Unemployment Insurance with Social Security News Library


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  10/31/2017 - SSA issues Social Security Ruling 17-3p on evaluating cases involving Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)
  10/30/2017 - Oklahoma announces its 2018 contribution rates, taxable wage base
  10/17/2017 - 2018 OASDI tax and earnings base increases to $128,700; COLA is 2.0%
  10/6/2017 - North Carolina amends its UI law regarding employer protests
  10/5/2017 - New York extends its Self-Employment Assistance Program through late 2019
  10/4/2017 - Kentucky High Court finds complaint that was not notarized failed to satisfy verification requirement
  10/3/2017 - Illinois amends its UI law on various subjects
  10/2/2017 - Interest rates remain the same for fourth quarter of 2017
  9/22/2017 - Tennessee sets its July-December contribution rates; new employer rates announced
  9/21/2017 - Illinois unveils new UI tax process for employers
  9/20/2017 - Claimant committed fraud by applying for benefits while employed
  9/19/2017 - Weight to be given evidence must be reflected in ALJ’s decision, holds 9th Circuit
  9/18/2017 - SSA seeks comments on proposed information gathering activities
  9/15/2017 - Eighth Circuit holds incomplete hypothetical put to vocational expert; case remanded
  9/14/2017 - Social Security issues correcting amendment to final rules
  9/13/2017 - Texas court finds successor employer improperly refused tax refund; no common management or control with predecessor
  9/12/2017 - Case remanded after incomplete hypothetical put to vocational expert
  9/11/2017 - SSA seeks comments on proposed information gathering activities
  9/1/2017 - Iowa amends its UI rules on various topics
  8/30/2017 - ALJ failed to reconcile conflicts between VE and DOT, said court