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  10/18/2017 - Given 25 recent crimes at store, employer may have had duty to protect employee who was shot
  10/17/2017 - Employer can’t refuse to pay for breaks lasting longer than 90 seconds
  10/17/2017 - California governor signs bills barring salary history inquiries, expanding parental leave protections
  10/16/2017 - Advancing ‘draw’ against future commissions ok, but post-termination payback policy may violate FLSA
  10/16/2017 - Employee reaction is U.S. employers’ biggest challenge to pay ratio disclosure rule
  10/16/2017 - Petco’s centralized FMLA decisions made company-wide documents on ‘100% healed’ policy discoverable
  10/12/2017 - Son who shadowed father to learn to be automobile wholesaler might be dealership employee
  10/12/2017 - ‘Leveling playing field’ between union, nonunion workers was lawful basis for hiring/transfer policy
  10/10/2017 - New regs provide opportunity for ‘moral’ objection to contraceptive coverage, draw lawsuit
  10/10/2017 - DOJ’s religious liberty guidance seen as license to discriminate against LGBTQ
  10/10/2017 - State Street Corp to pay $5M to settle alleged pay bias against female, black executives
  10/10/2017 - Yoga students who bartered cleaning for classes nab $1.65M FLSA settlement
  10/9/2017 - Sessions pulls the plug on policy protecting transgender against employment discrimination
  10/9/2017 - Jury to decide Title VII claims by TV station employee fired after refusing to marry CEO
  10/9/2017 - Diabetic driver fired after unauthorized stop to treat low blood sugar keeps $1.5 jury verdict
  10/6/2017 - Asplundh Tree Experts to pay $95M for willful blindness to scheme employing illegal aliens
  10/6/2017 - Given lack of software at office, jury could find bank knew employee worked OT at home
  10/5/2017 - Sexual harassment claims untimely; not enough hours worked for FMLA claims
  10/5/2017 - Spousal jealousy defense, alleged to include all females, can’t stop claims of fired female manager
  10/4/2017 - Rhode Island governor signs legislation guaranteeing paid sick leave for employees