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Our webinars are available free of charge to all CCH customers.

CCH has developed the most user-friendly and intuitive software platform to meet your resource needs! To maximize your solution with CCH, we offer the most flexible and customizable solutions in the marketplace to get you the information right away!!

If you're new to CCH´s Internet service and want to get “up and running” fast - sign up for one of our regularly scheduled webinars. They´re FREE and each one focuses on a different library in our solutions package. We offer free training on our Chargemaster Comply, Medicare and Medicaid Guide and the Health Care Compliance portfolio. For those familiar with our software we offer an ADVANCED SEARCHING Webinar. Check out the link under webinars and sign up today!!

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What's New Gets a New Look

CCH's Buiness Compliance Web site has a new look designed to help you find the information you need.

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Use these tips to reduce unscheduled absenteeism

Your company has been experiencing a high rate of unscheduled absenteeism lately. What programs or policies can you implement to cut down on this costly trend?


US Supreme Court: Nerve center is corporations principal place of business
A corporation's principal place of business is the place where its officers direct, control, and coordinate its activities, a unanimous US Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday, adopting a nerve center test for determining corporate citizenship and rejecting a plurality of business activities approach for analyzing whether diversity jurisdiction exists (Hertz Corp v Friend, USSCt, Dkt No. 08-1107, February 23, 2010).

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EEOCs proposed RFOA regulations provide age bias risk-avoidance checklist
The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) proposed regulations defining reasonable factors other than age (RFOA) under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) provide a checklist for employers contemplating an employment action that has the potential to adversely impact older workers.

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Employers, text this message to your employees: ST and D (stop texting and drive)
Doing other things while driving an automobile is nothing new. From putting on make-up, to using an electric shaver to get rid of that five o'clock shadow, we have all witnessed the dangerous acts that others do while trying to drive at the same time. Yet, these days, a more common picture is of someone driving with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand holding a mobile device, not to talk, but to text.

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Compliance officer alert: mitigating corporate culpability for criminal wrongdoing
Corporate compliance officers don't need a crystal ball to figure out that the enforcement environment under the Obama administration is getting more serious. But as to white collar crime, the outlook may be improving for corporations with effective compliance and ethics programs in place - or at the very least, there is now a little more guidance on how to mitigate corporate culpability for criminal conduct.

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