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U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide, 2013 Edition

U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide, 2013 Edition
The ideal reference for HR personnel, benefits professionals, benefits attorneys, payroll managers, or anyone involved in the area of employee health and welfare benefits. This handy, authoritative book discusses pertinent federal tax and employment laws as they involve employee benefits plans. Part of CCH's "Master Guide" series, the U.S. Master Employee Benefits Guide provides straight-forward coverage of important employee benefits issues.

President Obama releases health care reform proposal

In advance of the health care summit on February 25, President Obama has released his health care reform proposal, which includes a targeted set of changes to the Senate-passed health insurance reform bill and reflects policies from both the House-passed bill and the President's priorities.

The President's proposal includes:

The President's proposal is consistent with the Senate bill in that it does not impose a mandate on employers to offer or provide health insurance, but does require them to help defray the cost if taxpayers are footing the bill for their workers.

The proposal also builds on the waste, fraud, and abuse prevention policies contained in the House- and Senate-passed bills.The President's proposal incorporates a number of additional proposals that are either part of the Administrationís FY 2011 Budget Proposal or were included in Republican plans. These proposals include a comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid sanctions database and registration and background checks of billing agencies and individuals, among others.

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