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California announces its 2012 contribution rates, SDI employee tax rate, UI/SDI taxable wage base and UI/SDI weekly benefit amounts

The UI rate schedule in effect for 2012 will continue to be Schedule F+. This is Schedule F plus a 15% emergency surcharge, rounded to the nearest tenth. Schedule F+ provides for UI contribution rates ranging from 1.5% to 6.2%. The new employer rate will be 3.4% and the Employment Training Tax rate remains at 0.1% for 2012. Note that the voluntary UI payment program is not in effect next year.

For 2012, the state disability insurance (SDI) withholding rate for employees will be 1.0%.

The SDI taxable wage base for 2012 will be $95,585. The taxable wage base for 2012 for UI purposes remains at $7,000.

In 2012, the UI maximum weekly benefit amount will remain at $450 and the SDI maximum weekly benefit amount will increase to $1,011 (EDD Commnication).