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SAFETY / OSHA - 10/3/11

OSHA issues revised whistleblower investigations manual

OSHA has issued Directive CPL 02-03-003, OSHA Whistleblower Investigations Manual, to be used as a reference by OSHA personnel. The manual outlines procedures, and other information, related to the handling of retaliation complaints under the various whistleblower statutes delegated to OSHA. The manual supersedes OSHA Instruction DIS 0-0.9, Whistleblower Investigations Manual, August 22, 2003; and OSHA Instruction DIS .7, Referral iii of Section 11(c) Complaints to "State Plan" States, February 27, 1986. OSHA currently has responsibility for investigating whistleblower complaints under twenty-one statutes, each containing various differences and distinctions in the way the cases are processed and investigated. The revised Instruction updates the previous Manual to include the new statutes and includes minor corrections and enhancements to the previous version.

Significant changes include:

The manual is available at:

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