Aspen Publishers Benefits eLibrary

The Aspen Publishers Benefits eLibrary is comprised of all the titles listed below. You can also purchase the titles individually or combined in any configuration to best meet your specific benefits needs. To learn more or to order, call 1-888-CCH-REPS (888-224-7377) or email us to speak to your sales representative.

Mandated Benefits Compliance Guide

Mandated Benefits Compliance Guide provides guidance for dealing with the federal regulations governing employee benefits. It offers a state-by-state guide to laws related to temporary disability benefits, pay practices, workplace health and safety, and more. In addition, you get in-depth coverage of federal regulations, including health care reform as mandated by PPACA, GINA, HITECH, MHPAEA, COBRA, ADA, FMLA, ERISA, FLSA, and Section 409(A) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Employee Benefits Answer Book

Employee Benefits Answer Book provides clear, detailed explanations concerning the design, administration, and funding of various health and welfare benefits plans. It steers you through the complex new and updated reporting and disclosure requirements, rulings, restrictions, and exemptions under the 2010 health care reform law (PPACA and HCERA), the HITECH Act, COBRA, ERISA, the FMLA, the ADA, the ADEA, and other federal statutes.

Health Insurance Answer Book

Health Insurance Answer Book will help you manage a cost-effective health
insurance plan and ensure that your decisions are in compliance with constantly changing health care legislation. It offers extensive coverage of health care reform legislation, changes to HIPAA privacy and security rules, the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, flexible benefits, plan rating, funding, cost containment, and administration.

Executive Compensation Answer Book

In a convenient Q&A format, Executive Compensation Answer Book shows you how to attract and retain top executive talent, create compensation plans that boost profitability, keep up with regulatory, legal, and tax trends, and design competitive executive compensation plans. You’ll find answers to hundreds of questions on a wide range of compensation issues. Also included is in-depth coverage of the effects of the IRS final regulations under Code Section 409A.

Flexible Benefits Answer Book

Flexible Benefits Answer Book will help you design successful flexible benefits plans while staying in compliance with federal requirements and tax rules. It provides in-depth coverage of the regulations affecting cafeteria plans, including the effect of PPACA on group health plans. In addition, chapters are dedicated to health flexible spending plans, health reimbursement arrangements, health savings accounts, ERISA, and more.

Employer’s Guide to Health Care Reform

Health care reform law imposes a whole new regime of requirements as well as new opportunities for employers. Employer’s Guide to Health Care Reform clarifies the changes, identifies opportunities for cost savings, and provides practical guidance to help employers set a health plan strategy. It will help you grasp the implications of Health Care Reform from the employer’s perspective, as well as understand even the most complex new rules.

Multistate Guide to Benefits Law

If you oversee benefits in more than one state, Multistate Guide to Benefits Law is the comprehensive guide you need. It is the single resource that is essential for staying in compliance with the increasingly complex regulatory framework of state benefits law. Its unique chart format enables you to quickly locate information concerning one state's treatment of an issue, or compare the treatment required by several states—all on the same chart!

Health Savings Account Answer Book

In quick-access, Q&A format, Health Savings Account Answer Book provides answers to more than 550 key questions on all aspects of HSA establishment, administration, compliance, and includes the impact of health care reform on HSAs. Everything is explained in plain English and gives you hundreds of real-life examples, practice pointers, notes and cautions, ready-to-use forms, citations to case law, charts, and tables.

COBRA Handbook

COBRA Handbook provides comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the complex issues involved in compliance with COBRA. The Handbook includes extensive discussions of the federal government's premium subsidy program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the types of health plans that are required to offer COBRA coverage, COBRA's interaction with retiree medical coverage, and when a plan must comply with both COBRA and a state coverage continuation law.

Quick Reference to COBRA Compliance

Here you’ll find discussions on rules and compliance requirements including updated and extended COBRA subsidy requirements, as well as sample notices and helpful charts and worksheets. Quick Reference to COBRA Compliance includes new information on state mandated health insurance, as well as new FAQs concerning HSAs, IRS penalties, and the failure to make timely elections.

Employee Benefit Plan Review

Employee Benefit Plan Review is a monthly journal designed to alert employee benefits professionals to developments and trends in the field. It covers the full spectrum of benefit plans: retirement plans, 401(k) plans, health and disability plans, international benefits, work and family initiatives, employee stock ownership plans and executive programs.

Employee Benefits in Mergers and Acquisitions

This essential tool assists both benefits and M&A professionals. It focuses on employee benefits issues that arise as a result of mergers and acquisitions, including analysis of the required legal and tax compliance strategies and the soundest business practices for administering benefits and compensation plans in a mergers and acquisition setting.

The Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law

This resource will help you avoid costly mistakes or oversights, confront HR problems and understand the rules. It offers plain English legal guidance for HR-related situations including ADA accommodation, diversity training, privacy issues, hiring and termination, employee benefit plans, compensation, and recordkeeping.

Employment Law Answer Book

Employers, HR managers, attorneys, and business owners rely on Employment Law Answer Book to ensure compliance with ever-changing employment rules. The Q&A format provides clear, concise answers to over 1,000 key employment law questions related to Health Care Reform, Americans with Disabilities Act, COBRA, HIPAA, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and OSHA.

Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers’ Compensation

Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers’ Compensation delivers the information you need to prepare any case with confidence—and the courtroom-tested tactics to help you win it. This expertise-filled resource will be an invaluable time and work-saving tool in every case involving the AMA Guides. In easy-to-follow language, it brings you up to speed with a review of essential concepts, complete coverage of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Edition of the AMA Guides, and a focus on the key changes.

State by State Guide to Managed Care Law

State by State Guide to Managed Care Law includes coverage of health care reform legislation and its potential impact on various state HMO coverage mandates. It simplifies and expedites your research with immediate access to key court decisions, state managed care policies and practices, and extensive citations to codes and regulations—for all 50 states.

Benefits Law Journal

The most respected and accomplished employee benefits professionals have shared their expertise, as well as formulas for success and cautionary tales, exclusively in Benefits Law Journal. Each quarterly issue offers in-depth analysis of new legislation, regulations, case law, and current trends governing employee benefits: pension plans, welfare benefits, executive compensation, and tax and ERISA issues.

Quick Reference to HIPAA Compliance

This single comprehensive volume that supplies the guidance you need to meet the compliance requirements of HIPAA, NMHPA, MHPA, including the effect of the recently passed health care reform (PPACA) and the HITECH Act.

State by State Guide to HR Law

This resource gives quick access to all 50 states' laws on the expanding number of issues facing professionals who work in multijurisdictional environments. Time-saving features include: overviews of each topical area; dozens of tables summarizing the law in each state and how they apply.

Medicare Handbook

This Handbook will enable you to understand Medicare’s confusing rules and regulations. It addresses, from the beneficiary’s perspective, issues to master when providing planning advice or advocacy services. It has been prepared by experts at the Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc., a non-profit that helps elders and those with disabilities obtain health care.

Social Security and Medicare Answer Book

This reference is for those who counsel older Americans or their younger counterparts who are planning for retirement. It addresses key questions that arise under Social Security and Medicare and covers all developments, including the extensive Medicare changes under the 2010 health care reform legislation. Separate sections cover Social Security, Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Advantage/Medicare Part C, and Medicare Part D.

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits is for professionals who are responsible for controlling health care costs but are too busy to keep up with the growing mass of information on legislation, cost containment, quality of care, and managed care. This unique newsletter gives you an executive briefing on the current data, news, and corporate policies shaping the future of health care.

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