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SSA extends expiration date for state disability examiner authority to make fully favorable QDD and CAL processes

The SSA is extending the expiration date of its rule that authorizes state agency disability examiners to make fully favorable determinations without the approval of a state agency medical or psychological consultant in claims that the agency considers under its quick disability determination (QDD) and compassionate allowance (CAL) processes. The current rule will expire on November 14, 2014. In this final rule, the SSA is changing the November 14, 2014, expiration or “sunset” date to November 13, 2015, extending the authority for one year. The agency is making no other substantive changes. The final rule is effective August 28, 2014.

This final rule extends the authority in the rule that the SSA published on October 13, 2010, which allowed disability examiners to make fully favorable determinations in certain disability claims under its QDD and CAL processes without the approval of a medical or psychological consultant. The rule allows the agency to make fully favorable determinations when it can as quickly as possible. It also helps the SSA process claims more efficiently because it allows state agency medical and psychological consultants to spend their time on claims that require their expertise.

For additional information, contact Peter Smith, Office of Disability Policy, SSA, 6401 Security Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21235-6401, (410) 966-3235, for information about this final rule (79 Fed. Reg. 51241, August 28, 2014).