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Employees' wages and hours are regulated by a number of U.S. statutes. The U.S. Master Wage-Hour Guide explains all the relevant federal laws in this area.

The most important law, with the broadest application, is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which applies to employers and employees both in government and in private industry. The FLSA provides that employers must pay workers at least a set minimum wage and requires that overtime rates be paid for hours worked in excess of a specified number, usually 40. The Act also prohibits discrimination in pay on the basis of sex and regulates the employment of minors.

In addition, the Wage-Hour Guide covers the restrictions imposed on both the amount of wages that can be garnished and the protections afforded migrant and seasonal agricultural workers. Also covered is the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which provides for unpaid, job-protected leave for 12 weeks for family or medical reasons.

The overview summarizes the basic legal requirments, while the remaining chapters show how the laws apply to particular employment situations and explore practical aspects of various work arrangements in light of federal wage-hour laws.

Statutory, regulatory and case citations are included in the discussions throughout the Guide. References to CCH Labor Law Reports: Wages-Hours, where official texts, decisions and explanations on point can be found, are also provided for readers who need more in-depth information.

This edition of the Guide includes the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) law and regulatory revisions. Significant changes to the FMLA, the first since 1995, took effect January 16, 2009. Other significant legal developments that have occurred since the last edition, published in 2007, are also included.

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