Top 10 employee health problems


To increase your wellness program’s return on investment, you want to make sure the program is targeting the health issues that employees are most concerned about. You know that high blood pressure is a big one, but what are some others?


Wellness programs that proactively address both the mental and physical aspects of health are more likely to produce sustainable results, according to a study by ComPsych. The top 10 health issues as assessed by employees, based on aggregate wellness data from health risk assessments, are as follows:

    1. High blood pressure;

    2. Allergies;

    3. High cholesterol;

    4. Back pain;

    5. Gastrointestinal disease;

    6. Headaches;

    7. Anxiety;

    8. Asthma;

    9. Depression; and

    10. Diabetes.

Source: eReport: Wellness Trends (Top 10 Employee Health Problems), August 2013; ComPsych Corporation, 455 N. Cityfront Plaza Dr., Chicago, IL 60611; telephone: 312-595-4000.

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