Tips for recruiting, motivating, and retaining employees in 2013


As the year winds down, you are preparing for the challenges the new year will bring. What are some of the things you should consider to help recruit, motivate, and retain employees in 2013?


According to Sharon Daniels, CEO of AchieveGlobal, managers should do the following to lead their teams and organizations in 2013:

    1. Embrace mobile technology. There is a growing need for businesses to recognize that smart phones and tablet devices can be used for exploring new opportunities and interacting with prospective employees. To stay on top, businesses should consider investing in recruiting processes that make use of mobile technology.

    2. Remove the stigma of "remote." Employees increasingly expect that their employers will be flexible when it comes to work hours and approaches to getting the work done. To encourage employee motivation and increased productivity, leaders should consider alternative work models.

    3. Use a multi-factored approach to employee retention. To ensure employee satisfaction and retention, consider these key approaches:

  • Target recruiting to workers who are likely to stay;
  • Ensure that employees have the right tools to succeed at their jobs;
  • Stay familiar with learning and development goals for employees; and
  • Offer employees recognition and opportunities to contribute at a higher level.

Source: AchieveGlobal;

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